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Marina Raphael

Marina Raphael

650,00 €Price

Micro Carina in clear body and canvas


For those who have embraced the idea of ‘keeping it simple’ , the Micro Carina is the perfect miniscule accesoire. The smaller version of our classic Carina bag, is designed using a clear panel to cover the body and soft black napa leather with exposed white stitching to outline the trims, base and handle. Inside the bag, a removable pouch, made of white canvas, is secured with small metal snap buttons on the bottom, and sealed at the top with a leather cinch. Surrounding the pouch, a delicate line of black leather piping, adds an aesthetic twist, along with structural support. Folded and sewn expertly, beige cotton fabric creates the lining of the bag while a small leather adjustable strap of the same black hue and exposed stitching can also be found, offering an array of ways to wear this classic mini bag.

  • Dimensions

    (L) 14.2 cm, (W) 10 cm, (H) 28 cm

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