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Maison Petretin is a timeless capsule collection of clothing, jewelry and accessories.


The collection represents an ongoing selection of contemporary fashion essentials that transcend seasons and trends by prioritizing functionality and comfort. The brand’s core vision is centered around quality and ease, evident in its carefully curated color palette, exquisite fabrics, and meticulous attention to detail in sewing and finishing.


Influences shaping Maison Petretin are deeply rooted in the diverse, multifaceted culture and textures of the Mediterranean, drawing inspiration from designs, colors and materials throughout history.


Many of the designs are understated, season-neutral, and gender-inclusive, eschewing the pressure to conform to mainstream trends or the fast-paced nature of contemporary consumerism. The collection primarily utilizes new recycled fabrics, industry dead-stock cut-offs and reused elements, resulting in unique or limited-run garments due to the scarcity of materials often overlooked by industry standards. A significant portion of the creative process is dedicated to sourcing, cataloging, and quality testing fabrics, and elements, as well as refining designs to complement these materials and their limitations. The primary focus of the collection is on construction and delivering key multifunctional looks, foregoing elaborate styling and theatrics.


Maison Petretin is proudly produced in Greece, with the involvement of local craftsmen from Corfu contributing to its production.

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